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Counselling and Psychotherapy Melbourne,Anxiety Counselling Melbourne
Ilana Laps is an internationally trained psychotherapist practicing at the Center for Emotion Focused Practice in South Yarra. [Details]
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Psychiatrist | Phychiatric Hospital
Cadabam’s Hospitals is a specialty center for psychiatry and neurology at J.P. Nagar, Bangalore is an offshoot of the biggest psycho social rehabilitation group of the country Cadabam’s which is a 400 bed center in the outskirts of Bangalore. [Details]
Happiness Ambassador
The link between employee satisfaction and financial results is very real. At Sophie Keller Inc we help you to develop a culture of happiness and well-being throughout your organization. Our research based talks and interactive workshops use the ground-breaking science of positive psychology to help improve staff performance and productivity, develop engaging leaders, foster deeper employee loyalty, boost health and help employees take pride in what they do. [Details]
Law of Attraction
Affluence Life helps you make your dreams come true. Learn How to Attract Wealth, Happiness, Health, Love, Limitless Abundance, Healthy Body & Mind and the Life you Desire by using the Law of Attraction thru powerful Visualization Tools. [Details]
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Dr. Jose A. Hernandez Hernandez, psiquiatra en Alicante con amplia experiencia que trata trastornos de ansiedad, afectivos, de la conducta alimentaria, de personalidad, psicóticos-esquizofrenia, propios de la tercera edad, etc. Psiquiatras en Alicante y Villena. [Details]
Counselor near to me in West Bloomfield
Counselor West Bloomfield, Family Counseling West Bloomfield MI, West Bloomfield Individual Therapy, Anxiety and Depression West Bloomfield MI: Welcome to Counseling Associates in West Bloomfield, where our top most priority is to help you create the best possible life for yourself. [Details]
Marriage Counseling in Scottsdale, AZ
Counseling focusing on positive relationships with others, self, and even God. Specializing in relationship issues, trauma, depression, anxiety, personal growth, and Christian counseling as requested for individuals, couples, families, children and teens. [Details]
Psychiatrist in New York, NY
Mental Health practice treating anxiety, depression and ADD with collaborative care from evidence based medicine and short term therapies with proven efficacy. Cognitive behavioral therapy with medication management treatment offered. [Details]
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brandon sleep center
Suffering from sleep apnea in Brandon, FL? Bay Area TMJ and Sleep Center offers treatment for sleep apneic and snoring patients at our Brandon sleep center. [Details]
Psychotherapy in Toronto, Ontario
We provide psychological assessment and psychotherapy to those with difficulty managing everyday life stress, psychological disorders and problems coping due to physical illness or injury. Registered with The Psychologists of Ontario. [Details]
Family Counseling in Chicago, IL
Expert therapists offering individual, couple, group, and family counseling to help you manage and overcome challenges in your life. Our clinician team has many years of experience helping our clients reach their goals. Services are available in Spanish. [Details]
Charlotte Counseling
Counseling in Charlotte, NC. At L&B Counseling our professionals are licensed and experienced counselors for individuals, families an children. [Details]
Psychologist Therapist in Madrid
Psychotherapist Certified Specialist in Psychotherapy at European level, awarded by the Specialist European Awarding Committee in Psychotherapy. Certified by EuroPsy Specialist in Psychotherapy. [Details]
specialiste en trouble alimentaire dans le centre de londres | psychotherapeute francais a londres
Chez Philippe Jacquet & Associés, la confidentialité du client est primordiale dans tout ce que nous entreprenons. Nous pouvons fournir des services pour les adultes, les adolescents et les enfants à travers une gamme de problématiques et de diagnostics différents. [Details]
Licensed Mental Health Counselling Services Boca Raton, florida
Best Therapists in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, Florida (FL),Therapy, Counselors, Child and family Counseling.Jennifer Bishop, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor providing mental healing services. [Details]
Psychotherapy in San Francisco, CA
I provide psychotherapy, both long-term and brief, and psychoanalysis, as well as psychiatric evaluation and medication consultation and management. [Details]
Emotional Support Animals
At we are dedicated to helping those in need of companionship and emotional support. We understand the deep bond that exits and the comfort that your most loved pet provides. [Details]
Dual Diagnosis - Akron
Dual diagnosis is when someone is suffering from a mental disorder while also suffering from substance abuse. When you receive dual diagnosis treatment from our professionals, you can achieve sobriety and mental stability. [Details]
Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Columbia
Dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders require specialized treatments. Trauma Recovery Columbia's team can help you develop the tools, skills and techniques you need to overcome the roadblocks of your dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder needs. [Details]
Depression Treatment Center Baltimore
When it comes to treating depression and other mental health needs, nothing compares to Trauma Recovery Baltimore. Our specialists at Trauma Recovery Baltimore can help treat depression and many of its underlying factors. frustrations and effects. [Details]
Energy Healing Chicago
Energy healing techniques are promising in healing the psychological reasons behind the addiction. while applying the addiction protocol it is important to understand the cause for the addiction & healing the cause at the same time to see the results. [Details]
Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center
Dual diagnosis treatment is for when someone is dealing with both mental health and substance abuse at the same time. Dual diagnosis treatment from the skilled therapists and caring staff is a much better way for someone to truly find happiness. [Details]
Hypnosis Therapy Germantown
Hypnosis Therapy as an addiction treatment is gaining credibility in the medical and psychiatric community. When carried out under the watchful eye of a highly qualified addiction counselor. [Details]
Grief & Substance Abuse Center
Substance abuse is a growing problem, but it won't go away on its own. There are substance abuse detox programs that can help you break free. Finding the best detox program starts by picking up the phone. [Details]
Trauma Recovery Center in Tampa
Trauma has a way of effecting many different people, in all aspects of life. At Trauma Recovery Tampa, our professionals are here to help you deal with the traumatic event you have faced. [Details]
Individual Counseling - Edinburg
Individual counseling can focus primarily on how to quit, offering individualized strategies for remaining abstinent. Individual counseling can be in both forms of self-assessment and a tool for maintaining long-term abstinence. [Details]
Biofeedback in White Plains, NY
Licensed psychologist expert in talk therapy and mind-body approaches such as neurofeedback and hypnosis treating children, adolescents, adults to resolve psychological, emotional, stress-related, ADHD, insomnia and chronic pain to improve your life. [Details]
Drug Discovery Portfolio Alzheimer’s
Reduce lifetime risk of AD & other neurodegenerative disorders. NDC's Drug Discovery Portfolio and Pipeline Progress [Details]
Psychologist in Coral Gables, FL
Miami area Psychologist treating anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts and work issues to help you overcome obstacles to achieve lasting life satisfaction. Provides psychological testing for children & teens, and treatment for learning disorders. [Details]
mental hospital in coimbatore
personalized and holistic care and offerings provided for all age firms with comfort and compassionate remedy. organized and time-examined procedures valid for high-quality leads to mental fitness, psychiatrical, de-dependancy & rehabilitation services. our passion, tailored answer, effective technique keeps America distinctive and a hit for several years throughout tamilnadu. [Details]
Learn to manage stress and depression using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Program to manage stress and depression. Learn tips and techniques to manage stress at work or home. [Details]
Psychotherapy in Atlanta, GA
Counseling with roots in Zen mindfulness applying DBT, a scientifically validated treatment, to teach skills helping with mood disorders, maladaptive coping behaviors, high-risk behaviors, interpersonal chaos, interpersonal isolation, and rigid thinking. [Details]
Psychological Evaluations in Oakland, CA
Licensed psychologist with over 20 yrs experience practicing psychotherapy and counseling for individuals, couples & families using a collaborative approach to seek & solve problems. Performs psychological evaluations & assessments for Law Enforcement. [Details]
Psychotherapy in Brooklyn, NY
I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist who specializes in depression treatment, anxiety treatment, and couples counseling. My training and practice had shown me the complex intricacies, interlocking, depression, anxiety, anger, and self-destructive bents. [Details]
Gender Therapy in San Diego, CA
At Personal Evolution Psychotherapy (PEP) we specialize in working with the LGBTQ community and all of our therapists are specifically trained and competent to provide Gender Therapy to people who identify as transgender. [Details]
Hypnosis in Fort Worth, TX
Hypnosis to treat a difficult problem for someone motivated to make meaningful change utilizing the power of words and our ability to respond to a theme. This helps people gain control and restore balance and to master their symptoms of stress. [Details]
Parenting Issues Counseling in New York, NY
Mindwork is a psychotherapy practice located in downtown NYC. I specialize in relationship issues, mood, work, divorce, sexual, and parenting issues. Together we'll overcome obstacles you are facing to find out what's really going on inside your head. [Details]
Psychotherapy in Saratoga, CA
Psychotherapy for adults suffering from stress, depression, anxiety and relationship problems. Specializing in the effects from the fast-driven, out of balance life in Silicon Valley, focusing on healing trauma, promoting growth and thriving. [Details]
Sports Psychology in New York, NY
Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor offering individual and group counseling in Sports and Performance Psychology for competitive athletes, recreational athletes & performance artists to optimize training & performance. [Details]
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Driving Phobia
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Counseling in New York, NY
CBT NYC Therapy offers advanced and effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Behavior Therapy for a wide range of anxiety disorders and problems, mood disorders and problems, habit disorders, relationship difficulties and problems with self-image. [Details]
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